Bedroom Decoration Ideas: Time to Transform Your Living Space

A bedroom is a prominent place in your house because everyone prefers to spend time in the room after a tiring day. You can give a personal touch to your room. If you need professional help, the best Melbourne building designers are available for your assistance. A few tricks may be beneficial for you in this process.

1. Paint Color Should be the Last Choice

There are numerous paint colors, shades, tints and tones, and each color has its properties and personality. Each color may give a unique touch to your house according to the source of light around you. A color should complement your rug, upholstery, and artwork. It is essential to select a paint color in the last, after considering all other elements.

2. Breathing Room for Furniture

Breathing Room for Furniture

The overcrowding room can increase irritation and tension around the atmosphere. If you want to enjoy gracious living, you should get a space for easy maneuverability. With a limited budget, you can reduce the number of furniture pieces in your room. 

Buy some quality pieces, such as comfortable high-backed chairs, round bed and corner table. These limited pieces will stand in your room and give a comfortable and relaxing feel to your bedroom.

3. Artwork

Hang artwork in the middle of your ceiling and keep these pieces almost 57 to 60 inches above your floor. In a room with a soaring ceiling, you can hang art higher, but it should relate to a human extent instead of the scale of a structure. 

If you find it challenging to make a decision, you can take a photograph of your room. This photo will reveal lots of things about your place. You can modify this picture in Photoshop or any drawing app.

4. Comfortable Rug

Stepping out of your bed on a cold floor can spoil your happy morning. You can make your morning happy with a comfortable and complimenting rub. If you already have a carpet in your bedroom, you can consider a small rug to keep beside your bed.

5. Perfect Theme

Perfect Theme

The theme is the first thing to consider to decorate your house. You can experiment with beautiful themes in your bedroom to make it comfortable and relaxing. After selecting a theme, it will be easy for you to choose other art pieces and decoration pieces.

6. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows will help you to increase the comfort of your rooms. The number of throw pillows will be based on the size of your bed. You can select between 2 to 6 to get maximum comfort.

7. Create One Focal Point

Focal point plays an important role and supports other decorations. You can select a window, image, headboard of your bed, fireplace or any other areas as a focal point. Your selected focal point should quickly grab your eyes as you enter the room. The focal point should be clear from one room to the next.

8. Edit Collectibles

Perfect Theme

You should select your collectibles carefully and don’t hang any unfit piece in your room. Try to buy complimenting wall arts and hanging to unify your theme. On a big wall, you can use an oversize mirror to fill your wall space.

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