Why a Backup Generator Is a Must-Have for Every Household and Business?

A backup generating set can help keep the lights on and businesses running during unwarranted blackouts which are caused by man or natural disasters.  They also allow you to bring on power whenever you need them in off-grid areas or any outdoor event that isn’t connected to the mains power supply system.

We have taken it upon ourselves to bring to you the common uses of backup generators and why they are so important to your home or business place. Everything is simplified here so there will be no need to look elsewhere for information. Let’s get right in

1. Power Outrages

power blackout

The first and most obvious reason why people buy backup generators is that they need them as a backup supply of electricity in time of a power blackout. There has been an increasing number of power blackouts in the world today that it calls for investing in alternative sources of power to keep the home or business running.

Natural disasters are a major cause of power blackout in industrialized nations. Hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, heavy rainfall and a host of other disasters have the potential to put out the power of an entire community for weeks.

Businesses are the worst hit in the event of a power outage. There can be a steep decline in customer base and income revenues if a business fails to backup power with a suitable generating set during a blackout.

2. Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities

Most outdoor activities and events are usually carried out in off-grid areas where access to power supply is limited. Having an alternate source of power can dramatically enhance the experience of these outdoor activities. With the right generator you are at liberty to power small appliances, TVs and gadgets.

Electric generators can be used to power almost all recreational appliances from sound systems used by DJs, and public address system to camping appliances and gadgets. If you are the adventurous type, then you definitely need to invest in a portable generating set.

Many people are not comfortable with disconnecting from the world when they go on camping trips. And as you are aware, a lot of these camping sites are in off-grid locations far removed from the reach of power supply. Next to solar systems, the other reasonable source of electricity is a generator.  With a small portable generator your camping experience can be completely enhanced. It makes you able to use an electric stove for cooking, power a small refrigerator or light up the camping tents.

3. Industrial purposes

Industrial purposes

Generating sets come in handy in a wide range of applications. For example, generating sets can be used during the preliminary design of solar power systems before they are left to power themselves, since they are a convenient source of power for projects that are located at the top of the roof.

If you own a property or building, installing a reliable generating set can be beneficial in the long run. Renters are more drawn to properties that give them an assurance of power in case of blackouts.

There are a lot of farms and agricultural machines that depend directly on the power supplied by a generator. Form field irrigation, hatching to incubation, regular power supply can make a lot of difference. If any of these critical farm processes are interrupted you can inure huge financial loses that will be difficult to recover from. So if you are a farmer or have a big business that depends on power supply, the best time to invest in a generator is now.

Construction sites are not left out of the mix, they also need a power supply from a reliable source to fuel the process of the construction. Since most of these sites are at off-grid locations the value that a good generating set brings to the table cannot be overemphasized.


We have made mention of some of the most important uses of a generator in providing a steady flow of power for everyday use. These generators are surely going to benefit you and your business in the long run. However, be sure to access your needs and requirement before committing investment dollars to any.

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