Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Leonard MI Residents!

As the summer arrives in Leonard, MI the temperature begins to rise. The air conditioning units will also be used heavily these days. So what must one do to avoid AC repair in Leonard MI?  We sure cannot afford breakdowns during these days as it will definitely grill us to flare. 

If you belong to those categories of people who guarantee their AC system will give no trouble despite no maintenance, then it's time to wake. Leave the ignorant to fall and prepare yourself to face the sizzling sun with cool and comfortable.

AC Maintenance Tips

The best thing to stay on top is to get maintenance help from the professionals of AC service Leonard MI. This is the only way where you will be promised chilliness during the summer days. Make sure to trust your unit on a reliable and professional hand like that of the Total Heating, Cooling, and Electrical. If not, then be ready to face added repairing troubles and breakdowns. 

The best time considered for AC maintenance is the start of the summer. This will guarantee great efficiency to your system and also all minor and major problems will be taken care of. To help you get the best of your AC unit, the following are a few maintenance checklists that must be carried on by every homeowner apart from regular AC service Leonard MI. Take a look below.

1. Taking Care of The Air Filters

This is the basic maintenance of the AC system. The air filters must be regularly cleaned or replaced at least once in two to three months. All problems arise with the air filters. If they are not clean and clogged with dust, then it will give other issues like an added strain to the system, repairs, low efficiency, high utility bills, and many more. 

Dirty air filters not just harm the unit and its internal parts, it will also give troubles to the inmates. The interior air quality will deteriorate and cause breathing troubles to the inmates. So, for the sake of your loved ones, keep track to clean the air filters regularly. Those who are blessed with pets at home must take extra care and change the filters every month. 

2. Cleaning The Compressor/Condenser

The compressor/condenser is the most vital part of the AC unit as it cools the refrigerant that takes care of the cooling process. This vital part is mostly situated in the backyard of the house, making it a little difficult for regular maintenance and inspection. 

With time, debris starts to get collected into the compressor, reducing the efficiency of the system. This makes it more vulnerable to parts failure and repairs. If you do not want unnecessary repairs, then the best way is regular cleaning and maintenance checks.

Before you start with the cleaning process, switch off the AC system for safety measures. Clean off all the shrubs, leaves, and other related particles that have made their home near the unit. Vacuum clean the interior parts and brush off the dust. Make sure the power of the AC is not On during the cleaning process as it will lead to serious accidents. 

3. Inspect Refrigerant Tube

Look out for any leaks or breakage. If there is a leak in the refrigerant tube, then the efficiency of cooling will be lost to a great extent and the system will not be able to cool off nicely. The AC repair professionals will handle the coolant safely and make sure the leaks are fixed ensuring no future leaks. 

4. Check The Evaporator Coil

Check the condition of the evaporator coil. If there is some discoloration, then it is fine, but see to it that no dust or dirt is accumulating the coil. Clean it with a soft brush, but for the deep cleaning process, contact the professionals. 

Benefits of AC Maintenance

There are numerous benefits when it comes to AC maintenance. Some of them are as follows.

  • Finance – AC maintenance will help lower down the energy bills and also avoid major repairs and replacements
  • Comfort – A good and optimized system will guarantee great comfort and reliability
  • Longevity – The air conditioner is modeled for 12-14 years. If it is maintained well, then you are presenting your system with at least three years more.

Therefore, to ensure smooth and comfortable days, regular annual maintenance is very important for better and efficient performance.


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