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DrawingTheHouse is a dream that was conceived when I saw a niche in consumer guide on almost everything in our homes.

  • We have to rely on the manufacture’s descriptions which most of the time are not 100% accurate
  • We are an affiliate advertising program of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, but our review of the products that we advertise are independent and unbiased
  • We test the various products and give honest reviews on the product so that you will not have to second guess on the performance of the product you are buying
  • We also provide DIY tips on how to handle common household problems with your home appliances to save you money that you pay repair people. Most of our tips and tricks are provided in simple steps and linked to videos to help you understand the content better
  • Our main aim is to help you save money by testing the products you need and recommending you the best of them all. We learn new tricks on how to use, repair, or make home appliances so that you will not have to pay for something you can do. We believe in the family as an institution and the first way to make a family happy is providing the best for them

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