6 Best Mattress Stores in Virginia to Buy a New Bed

Alice G. Walton, a senior healthcare contributor at Forbes, describes sleep as a much-coveted enterprise. However, research shows that one-third of Virginians are deprived of standard 7-hour sleep.

So, for the quality snooze of lively Virginians, in this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the good mattress stores in the city. Let’s get started!

We have selected the top 6 stores that offer the best products and services in popular Virginia cities.

Qualities of The Best Mattress Stores

Before we pitch in the best mattress stores, here is some necessary information everyone should have before making an in-store purchase.

Mattress Stores

Mattress Variety for Quality, Types, and Price

A top store should have a large variety of quality beds in a broad price range. It must also exhibit different mattress types, such as latex, memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring. Whether it’s a luxury or a standard mattress, you should be able to buy it at a reasonable price.

Delivery Service

The best mattress store should deliver your order within a couple of days, and delivery should be free. Some companies also offer a complimentary mattress set-up. In case a store charges a delivery fee, there should be a compensating white-glove shipping service.

Top-notch Sales Team

A highly trained sales team is a must at any mattress store. They resolve your confusions and are happy to answer all your queries. The best sales associates help you find a bed matching your requirements within your budget.

Return and Exchange Policy

A mattress store should have a transparent and quick return system with no charges. Majority of the mattress stores do have a return policy, but that often comes with a hefty restocking fee. Some stores may allow an exchange but no returns.

6 Best Mattress Stores in Virginia

Now that we have discussed the considerations, here are 6 best mattress stores in Virginia with the most positive reviews for quality and service.

6 Best Mattress Stores in Virginia

1. SleePare at Tysons

SleePare is the only mattress store in Tysons Corner with more than 20 online brands on display. You can explore various budget-friendly and luxury options here.

The interiors are neat, clean, and spacious. The staff members are also sleep experts. They are alert all the time to listen to your needs and guide you but never interrupt your shopping.

You can also enjoy an exclusive 30-minute free nap session on any bed in the showroom—for free! The company has appointment-based customer dealing, which allows the sales staff to give individual attention to every customer. You also don’t have to endure overcrowded shopping atmosphere!

The amazing SleePare discount deals are another plus which stay active throughout the year. All in all, SleePare mattress store in Virginia is the perfect place to find quality items at competitive prices.


  • Free Delivery
  • 20+ online mattress brands
  • Transparent return and exchange policy
  • Professional staff


  • Only a few stores in the US

2. The Original Mattress Factory

The Original Mattress Factory (OMF) has been manufacturing sleep surfaces since 1990. They have more than 100 showrooms scattered across the US.

OMF mattresses are made locally, in the hometown where their HQ is located. 

The showroom doesn’t offer sales because there’s a guarantee of low pricing without any typical markup. Shipping is also not free, but the process is quite smooth and quick.

The Original Mattress Factory store has no return policy, but you can exchange the product within a year of purchase paying up to 25% fee.


  • Pocket-friendly price tags
  • Excellent sales staff
  • Locally made


  • No return policy
  • Delivery not free

3. Mattress Outlet

Born to ditch aggressive selling and high pricing, Mattress Outlet has numerous stores scattered across the US, and five of them are in Virginia.

Each showroom has a beautiful interior and showcases memory foam mattresses at the most decent rates. The sales staff is polite with all guests; they neither interfere in your buying or ignore you.

The company also offers hassle-free same-day delivery, but it isn’t free. However, the charges are quite affordable.

Discounts apply to all beds, and the financing options, including Progressive and West Creek Financial, make them more budget-friendly.


  • Low to high-priced mattresses
  • Speedy delivery
  • Excellent financing options


  • Delivery not free
  • Only memory foam

4. Mattress Firm 

Mattress Firm is a popular retail store, serving the US population many decades. The company masters not only at selling mattresses but displays a vast pool of sleep products for kids and adults.

For anyone on a budget and in search of a luxury bed, Mattress Firm is the best place to check-in and make a purchase. Discounts and deals are abundant throughout the year so that you can save up to $400 in an easy go.

The store staff is generally polite and guide you towards the right mattress, but a few guests have criticized their sales pressure.

Mattress Firm delivers for a small fee within a couple of days. You can also exchange your mattress within 120 days after paying a restocking fee.


  • Good variety
  • Reasonable prices
  • Speedy delivery
  • More than 3,000 stores in the US


  • Restocking fee
  • Pushy staff on occasion

5. Mattress Warehouse

Another top-rated store in Virginia is Mattress Warehouse. Launched 30 years ago with a single small store, the company owns more than 250 outlets around the US today.

The showrooms have a large variety, always in stock, and the consumers believe in their unbeatable pricing. With their price match guarantee, if you find a better deal somewhere else, you can avail a 50% exclusive discount.

The store staff is also specially trained to help you in your buying experience. The store hosts great sales throughout the year. The delivery isn’t free, but it’s always in time, generally within a couple of days.


  • Large variety
  • Speedy delivery
  • Always in stock


  • 20% restocking and exchange fee
  • Delivery isn’t free

6. Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore, established in 1997, is a leading departmental store in America. The showroom interior is well-lit and decorated with an abundance of home furnishings at affordable prices.

Whether you make a small purchase or a big one, Ashley always guarantees the best value. The staff is very cooperative and help you to make an informed decision.

The mattress brands at the store include Ashley Sleep (their own brand), Sealy, Beautyrest, and many more. You can also avail a 30% discount on each bed.

Delivery is made easy with dual shipping options including free and premium so you may choose the option that best fits your bill.


  • Excellent sales staff
  • Free returns and exchanges within three days


  • Sometimes out of stock

Wrapping It Up

Never underestimate the significance of sleeping on the right mattress. Many scientific studies show that changing your bed can improve your health and enhance your life quality. So, what are you waiting for? Visit one of the above-mentioned top mattress stores in Virginia and reclaim your rest!

Vera Watson

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