5 Best Hardwood Flooring Choices of 2020

Hardwood floors have become common for many homeowners. There was a time when you would see this only in the home of the richest. However, technology has made many things easier, cheaper, and more accessible. Today, you can install a hardwood floor in your home with a number of design and color options to choose from, all in the budget.

Since you are investing in home improvement, why not make the best out of it by first studying the trends and choosing a design that touches your heart. Here are five most popular hardwood floor choices of 2020.

Natural Colors Are Naturally

People are looking out for ways to cut on extravaganza and bringing their lives back to basics. As people are falling for natural and minimalist living styles, no wonder natural wood flooring is getting so popular.

Natural colors are soothing and ooze out calm vibes that people living in this hustle-bustle crave for. That’s why the natural wood color floors are becoming a premium choice of people because what is better than living all engrossed by simplicity and calmness all the time, right at your place?

Gray and Grayish Blends are Going Strong

Gray has become the new white of the interior designing industry. Interior designers are trying to sneak this color in every décor option – from walls, rugs, and curtains to cushion; it is everywhere. And floors are also not an exception!

People are demanding for prefinished gray flooring. Those who don’t want to remodel the floor from scratch are asking to add a greyish touch to their already installed flooring. If you don’t want to go all grey, then you can blend in other shades of brown and black while staying at the greyish end.

Barnwood Style Floors Never Go Out

You might wonder what on earth this barn wood thing is. Well, it is exactly what you are thinking: a wood that looks like coming straight from a dismantled and old barn. It is not too out of the question because people do sell out worn-out barn wood to be used in interior designing projects.

But now technology is also playing its part as manufacturers are replicating the look of barn wood on tiles.

Whether you want to stick with the real deal or like to take help from technology, one thing we know for sure, color variation, and dynamic look of barn wood make it a perfect pick for your floor.

Wider Planks are the New Love

Wider planks have magical properties: they make small spaces look bigger, contemporary homes a bit rustic, and revitalize older homes. Yes, wider wood planks can do all this! And that’s why people just love them. No matter if you are an owner of a small home, modern home, or small vintage cottage, wider planks are always ready to do some magic in your home.

Everyone is Demanding White Oaks

In 2020, gone are the heydays of red oak because everyone is talking about white oaks. Let’s admit that red oaks are too red, and look a bit off the beat. Whereas, white oaks give more of a natural touch, and it doesn’t shriek out: hey, I am hardwood flooring. Moreover, it provides more of a smooth finishing, modern look, and seems so good to be true.

Not to forget that white oaks readily embrace a wider range of shades, so you can easily go with whitewash, charcoal, gray, or whatever you like. So, forget about the red oaks because it is time to go whitey-white.

Vera Watson

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