What Are The Benefits Of A Silk Comforter?

Silk comforter can be the best choice for everyone who wants luxurious, comfortable, hypoallergenic comforter. It is made of 100% pure long-strand mulberry silk or any other pure and organic silk that comes from the natural silkworms. Hence, Silk comforter is costlier too. However, historically people love silk comforter because of its softness, smoothness, and shine. If you want to buy a silk comforter, you should learn in details about the its benefits.

There are many benefits of silk comforter; the most common are presents below:

1. Breathable

As we know, Silk comforter is made from natural silk fiber. So, it is highly breathable and it can regulate the temperature of your body while you are sleeping under it. That means, it will make you cool during very hot summer days and make you warm during the winter season. Because of its properties of maintaining a stable temperature, it will not cause for sweating you at night. On the other hand, if you have a cotton comforter, we are highly suggesting you to change this existing cotton comforter with silk comforter. If you do not know where to buy this best silk comforter, visit pillowbedding. Moreover, Silk comforter is not only highly breathable but also it allows air circulation to your body.

2. It Prevents Overheating

Long-Strand mulberry silk is one of the most costly fabrics in the world. It has heat-regulating properties. Unlike cotton and other synthetic fibers, silk comforter is not overheated. The silk fiber can prevent your body from overheating.

3. Silk Comforter is Healthier

Silk comforter is friendly to the skin. Additionally, this comforter removes hair fall and wrinkle of hairs. On the other hand, the cotton comforter is not skin-friendly as it absorbs your body moisture at night. As a result, cotton comforter attracts dust, mildew more quickly. But silk comforter cannot absorb your body sweat and moisture. So, silk comforter is healthier than a cotton comforter.

4. Hypoallergenic Properties

Silk Comforter is very hypoallergenic. As we know, natural silk fiber has natural protein. And this natural protein contains different types of amino acid that are very healthier. Hence, silk comforter made from natural silk fiber works great against any types of an allergic reaction. If you have asthma, eczema, and rhinitis, you should buy natural silk comforter. Additionally, this comforter is anti-acarid, antibacterial. So, it will keep you healthy and sound during night time.

5. Comfort Level

Silk comforter is light but this comforter can keep you warm. Additionally, you do not get any burden of sleeping under a heavy blanket; rather sleep under the light silk comforter. Do you think that how these light silk comforters warm you more than the heavy weighted blanket? The answer is “Yes”.  This silk comforter is made of pure silk which can warm you easily.

6. Long-lasting

Some people think that silk comforter is not long-lasting and it is not durable like synthetic or cotton comforter. But it is not true. I am ensuring you that, a silk comforter can last more at least 5-10 years based on your maintenance. If you use it more carefully, it will last around 15 years. On the other hand, if you buy a cotton comforter, you have to change this comforter after 3-4 years of using, as the cotton fiber is torn out easily.


The only disadvantage of silk comforter is that it is costly. Every people cannot afford to buy it. If you want to purchase the best quality silk comforter, you have to spend around 400$ at a time. However, in today's world people are more cautious about their comfort rather price.

Vera Watson

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